I’d like to book tickets for more days, is that possible?

No, you can book one visit. The day after your visit you can make the next booking.

Are the toilets in the park open?

Yes, the toilets are open and will be cleaned several times a day.

I adopted an animal and haven’t picked up my annual pass yet. Can I pick up my pass and book a visit??

Yes, to book you can send an email to info@hoenderdaell.nl. When you visit you can pick up your annual pass at the till. Please bring your confirmation letter.

I still have an entry ticket, can I use this to book?

As soon as day tickets will be sold again, you can email us to book your visit. Please mail to info@hoenderdaell.nl

Are the playgrounds open?

Yes, the playgrounds are open for children up to 12 years.

I have a child under 3 years old. Do I need to book for my child?

No, there’s no need to book for children under 3 years of age.

Are the restaurants open?

Yes, the restaurants are open.

Can I use a gift voucher to buy an annual pass?

Yes, you can buy an annual pass using a gift voucher at the till. Should you also wish to visit the park on the day of collection, please mail to info@hoenderdaell.nl to book your visit.

Will there be time slots in the booking system?

No, we do not want to limit visitors to specific time slots.

Is my annual pass still valid?

During the booking process the system will indicate if your pass has expired and offer you the opportunity to renew your pass.

Will there be any compensation for the closure of the park for annual card holders?

Yes, all cards will be valid for an extra 5 months