Veel gestelde vragen

Om u zo goed mogelijk te helpen hebben we een pagina met veel gestelde vragen gemaakt. Hier vindt u antwoord op de meest voorkomende vragen.
Klik hier op naar de veelgestelde vragen te gaan.

We zijn (beperkt) geopend

Sinds vrijdag 15 mei zijn wij weer open. Omdat we een max. aantal mensen mogen toelaten, kunt u alleen online reserveren.
Klik hier voor het reserveren van een dagkaart of hier voor het reserveren met uw jaarkaart.

Ook kunt u zelf uw jaarkaart verlengen en/of kijken tot wanneer uw jaarkaart loopt.

Measures corona virus

The park stays open as normal. We follow the advice of the government health board and the council. Activities with many people, such as the bird of prey demonstration, hunting simulator sessions and feeding the lemurs are cancelled until further notice.

We ask you to pay contactless as much as possible.

Lory garden temporarily closed

The lory garden will be closed for the next few weeks.
The enclosure will be spruced up and the mesh will be replaced.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

We will of course let you know as soon as the lory garden is reopened.

Building macaw enclosure

We’re working hard on a new macaw enclosure. The old enclosure was torn down to make room for an awesome new, big aviary. Currently the big fake tree, for the macaws to climb in, is finished. Work will continue in spring, when a big nesting wall will be built.
At the moment the macaws are kept behind the scenes in the tropical greenhouse, where they will be warm during the cold winter months.

scale model tree

Heat plan


Because of expected high temperatures, it might be too hot for hunting simulator sessions at Stichting Leeuw and bird demonstrations in the Avitorium in the next few days.
It is very likely that these events will be cancelled. The times are announced on the big boards in the park; please keep an eye out for these!

SOS Dolfijn not on the estate

Sadly no dolphin sanctuary on Landgoed Hoenderdaell.

SOS Dolfijn foundation, a nature and rescue organisation for whale species in the North Sea, will not be moving to Anna Paulowna. In the past few months we investigated if it was financially and operationally possible to house the foundation and build a new whale sanctuary on Landgoed Hoenderdaell. Even though several parties were very sympathetic towards the plans, the investagative phase was ended for lack of insufficient financial support. Read more on