Due to the predicted heat for the coming days, the welfare of the animals of course gets extra attention.
At very high temperatures it is therefore not responsible to continue the bird demonstration (in the Avitorium) and the hunting session (at the Lion Foundation).

Building work on Avitorium

Mid-November we will start building work on the Avitorium. Some panels and hatches need replacing. During this time, no bird-of-prey demonstrations will be given and some birds may not be visible or may temporarily be moved.
Our apologies for any inconvenience.

SOS Dolfijn moves to Landgoed Hoenderdaell

Whale rescue centre SOS Dolfijn moves to Landgoed Hoenderdaell
After searching for an ideal spot for years, SOS Dolfijn found a new location for their rescue centre in Anna Paulowna. Soon building of a specialist sanctuary for harbour porpoises and dolphins will start.  The new rescue and educational centre will be opened in the first quarter of 2022 on Landgoed Hoenderdaell.

Whale rescue and educational centre
The SOS Dolfijn centre will be unique for Europe. In the centre, sick, weak or wounded dolphins and porpoises, that wouldn’t survive on their own, will be sheltered and rehabilitated. In the special intensive care unit they will receive the necessary medical care. After rehabilitation, which often lasts months, the animals will be released into the sea. Through big windows around the educational centre, the rehabilitation activities and the resident patients can be observed by Landgoed Hoenderdaell visitors, without disturbing the animals. The centre will also offer a permanent educational exposition on whales. Visitors can learn all about the whale species of the North Sea, their habitat and the need for protection of these animals.

SOS Dolfijn will remain an independent foundation, but by integrating into Landgoed Hoenderdaell efficiency will be improved and costs reduced. SOS Dolfijn will be able to use existing facilities like office and workshop space, technical services and a partly shared administration. Landgoed Hoenderdaell will also have animal keepers ready to help out in busy rescue times. A similar cooperation exists for with Stichting Leeuw, rescue centre for big cats..

Need for support
Several funds and foundations have put their trust in the project by donations, which made the build possible. But more support is needed. SOS Dolfijn hopes that people and businesses will be sympathetic towards the initiative and souls like to support this unique project. Enthousiastic people with free time to spare can apply to volunteer at the centre as animal keeper assistant, host/hostess or educational volunteer.

On this special action page anyone can donate a symbolical building brick through a gift.


To answer most of your frequently asked questions, we set up a FAQ page. Here you’ll find most of the information you need.
Click here for the FAQ page.

Building macaw enclosure

We’re working hard on a new macaw enclosure. The old enclosure was torn down to make room for an awesome new, big aviary. Currently the big fake tree, for the macaws to climb in, is finished. Work will continue in spring, when a big nesting wall will be built.
At the moment the macaws are kept behind the scenes in the tropical greenhouse, where they will be warm during the cold winter months.

scale model tree

Building a new coati enclosure

We’re working hard on a new enclosure for the coatis. The old cage will be removed and replaced with a nice, big and open enclosure with lots of climbing structures.

Current coati enclosure

Building new coati enclosure