Lemurs in action

On the monkey island live the friendly ring-tailed lemurs. These active primates from Madagascar are true communal animals. They communicate by making sounds and by using their long striped tail. When they walk on the ground, they hold their tail up high so that the group can follow.

The best time to visit the island is when visitors are allowed to help feed the lemurs. Small pieces of apple are handed out to the public and the ring-tailed lemurs are quick to find them. They jump on people’s shoulder and eat the fruit from their hands.

Good climbers

Ring-tailed lemurs love fruit, but will also eat leaves, flowers, bark and vegetables. They walk on four legs and are experts in climbing. They also like to sunbathe, with their arms wide open. The reason for this is that they have scent glands on the inside of their wrists, which they warm up to leave their scent on branches, trees and stones to mark their territory.




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