Retired circus lions, rescued Hungarian bears, free-roaming ring-tailed lemurs, colourful lories and hopping wallabies. Visitors of  Hoenderdael animal park get acquainted with many different animal species – some of which roam free in the park.

The unique feature of Landgoed Hoenderdaell is that the focus of attention is on the animals and their well-being. In the park their natural habitat is simulated as well as possible. The animal enclosures are situated in a beautiful and large nature reserve in Anna Paulowna in the northwestern tip of the Netherlands. Hoenderdaell regularly rescues animals in need and aims to return them to the wild. So it’s entirely possible that you’ll see different animals every time you visit.

On the monkey island live the friendly ring-tailed lemurs. The best time to visit these primates from Madagascar is during feedingtime.

Shelter for feline predators
Stichting Leeuw is situated on Landgoed Hoenderdaell. Big cats in need are temporarily sheltered in this facility. They are nursed back to health and are trained to eventually return to their natural habitats, where they will live freely in large wildlife parks. To prepare these cats for a life in the wild, they are trained using a hunting simulator. Read more about this unique facility on the Stichting Leeuw website. Entry to Stichting Leeuw is included in the animal park ticket price.

Feed colourful birds
The lory garden is inhabited by small, brightly coloured parrots. These lories live in Australia and Indonesia. At the ticket kiosk you can buy small containers of honey water, which you can feed to the lories any time you like. When you enter the garden, the birds will come and greet you. Read more about these birds.

Bird demonstration
In the park a bird demonstration event is organised Wednesday through Sunday. Read more about these birds and about the demonstration.